MR Stethoscope

MR Stethoscope

High quality MR stethoscope with flat chest piece and extended tubing 

Available Models:

ST 5010 | MR Stethoscope
ST 5020 | MR Stethoscope for small children





3 Tesla manual blood pressure set

The MR conditional, premium quality manual blood pressure set from mediquip comes in a sturdy, practical storage case. The MR stethoscope featuring extended tubing allows blood pressure readings inside the scanner.  



Available Sets:

BP 5015 | BP-Systempack
BP 5025 | BP-Systempack Mini
KS 5055 | CombiSet available (BP/ Venous Compression)

Venous Compression Sets

Venous Compression Sets

A simple procedure for better quality images in peripheral MR angiograhphy 

Venous compression in arms and legs significantly enhances image quality in peripheral MR angiography. Regulating the blood flow prevents venous contamination, a simple, effective, and noninvasive procedure. With extended tubing (1,75 m) Venous Compression Sets can be inflated while the patient is inside the scanner. 



Available Sets:

AS 5035 | Ven. Compression Set Thigh
AS 5045 | Ven. Compression Set Thigh/Arm
KS 5055 | CombiSet available (BP/Venous Compression)

Pressure Infusion Bag| DI 5065

Pressure Infusion Bag

Standard product in emergency medicine now MR compatible

Independent of the forces of gravity, the MR pressure infusion bag allows for fast and controlled infusion and transfusion of liquids inside the MR room.



mediquip MR Sets



BP 5015

BP-Systempack Minis
BP 5025

Venous  Compression Set Thigh
AS 5035

Venous  Compression Set Thigh/Arm
AS 5045

KS 5055

Aneroid Single Tube Spygmomanometer

MR Stethoscope


MR Stethoscope for small children




Cuff Infant



Cuff Small Child

Cuff Child

Cuff Adult

Cuff Large Adult

2 pcs

Cuff Thigh


2 pcs

2 pcs

2 pcs

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