Positioning device MULTIPAD

Positioning device MULTIPAD

Positioning with air chamber technology: flexible, fast and hygenic

The Swiss company Pearl Technology has developed a multipurpose positioning device that is based on air chamber technology. The soft and hygenic air chamber help reduce sequence repetitions caused by motion artefacts more effectively than standard placement products whilst significantly enhancing patient comfort during the scan. 

  • serves a variety of placement puropses, e. g. hand and finger scans, hand angiography, fMRI scans, spectroscopy and tractography
  • available in three sizes: MULTIPAD Standard as positioning aid for all routine scans; MULTIPAD Plus to fill larger gaps, e. g. when using foot coil; MULTIPAD Slim fills tight spaces
  • suitable for all manufacturers' scanners
  • disposeable covers ensure hygienic conditions 


Available Models:

MP8500   | Multipad Standard | 170 x 60 x 20-50 mm
MP8505   | Multipad Plus | 170 x 110 x 20-50 mm
MP8510   | Multipad Slim | 170 x 90 x 10-30 mm


Demo video




MP8500 | MULTIPAD Standard

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