Vision Correction Googles | CG 6020

Vision Correction Googles

Clear sight for patients with impaired vision

MR safe vision correction googles enable patients with vision impairments to see clearly in sensitive research environments. Thus the requirements for conclusive results are improved while the patient's feeling of wellbeing is enhanced. Set contains 24 pairs of interchangeable lenses covering -6 to +6 in 0,5 dioptre steps. Spectacle frame is padded and adjustable. Supplied in a practical case including glass cleaner, spectacle cloth, and vision test. 



Vision Prisma Specatacles | PS 6010

Vision Prisma Spectacles

Extend the field of vision for more patient comfort

Vision prisma spectacles extend the patient's field of vision to outside the magnet bore and help reduce feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia. Manufactured from sturdy ABS plastic they are supplied with protective spectacle case.



MRI Mirror Device

MRI Mirror Device

For use when head coil is not being used

The free standing mirror assembly is placed directly on the scanner bed. The mirror element is 120 mm x 750 mm large and moveable and allows the patient to look either back over the head or down past the feet. It extends the patient's field of vision considerably and is suitable for all scanners. Available with children's motive.

Available Models:

MD 6030 | MRI Mirror Device
MD 6040 | MRI Mirror Device for children




Mini Muffs | MM 1120

Mini Muffs

Ear muffs for neonates

When newborn babies require additional diagnostic procedures and therapies Mini Muff ear muffs help reduce the stress and strain on the smallest patient. The ear muffs significantly reduce noise exposure during transport. When Mini Muffs are combined with earplugs a noise reduction of 10 Db minimum is achieved during the examination inside the magnet bore. Soft hydrogel padding ensures good grip and easy removal. Single-use product.




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