PM-Alpha Rollboard Vision | LA 8055

PM-Alpha Rollboard Vision

Quick, safe, and easy patient transfer

Inside the MR room the rollboard can be used for wheelchair and supine patients for transfer to and from the scanner bed. With four handle grips the top quality rollboard is easy to handle, small height differences can be easily overcome. The board can be folded for transportation and storage. With removable covers for easy cleaning.



PM-Alpha Sliding Mat | LA 8050

PM-Alpha Sliding Mat

Easing patient transfer 

The MR compatible sliding mat is flexible and helpful in repositioning particularly heavy or premedicated patients to and from the scanner bed. Available in various sizes.





For more comfort inside the bore

Reacting to body shape and temperature MediMattress adjusts itself to the individual patient. Patient comfort during the examination is enhanced considerably, particularly for patients suffering chronic or acute painful medical conditions.



Available Models:

LA 8025 | MediMattress Phillips
LA 8035 | MediMattress GE
LA 8040 | MediMattress Siemens

MediMatress Spinal | LA 8045

MediMattress Spinal

Improve image quality, enhance patient comfort

MediMattress Spinal affords optimal stability and enhanced image quality during MRI scans of the spine. Thanks to the concave form the distance to the RF receiver remains small while the patient is laterally stabilized. Intelligent memory foam ensures the patient's comfort throughout the procedure. Suitable for all manufacturers' scanners.

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