MR O2-First Responder Set

Oxygen Supply: Portable, Compact, Ready to Use

  • Meet the standard for patient safety with the MR O2-First Responder Set

Avoid loosing valuable time and bring the oxygen to the patient. Portable, compact in design, and lightweight, the MR O2-First Responder Set affords quick and effective O2 administration in the event of hypoxia or respiratory distress in the MR environment. 

  • ready to use after implementing three simple steps for quick and effective O2 administration in emergency scenarios
  • practical 2m spiral tubing allows for ventilation directly on the scanner bed or during transport
  • high-quality autoclavable Ambu resuscitator in two sets: adult/child or infant/toddler (5 mask sizes available)
  • single-use option available as well as a manual ventilation set (excluding reservoir) for use during spontaneous respiration
  • including mediquip after sales maintenance and refill service


Ready to Use in Three Simple Steps

Quick and effective O2 administration in emergency scenarios


mediquip MR Sets

MR O2-First Responder
NK 3505

MR O2-First Responder Mini
NK 3515

MR O2-First Responder Disposable
NK 3525

MR O2-First Responder Mini Disposable
NK 3535

MR O2-Provider
NK 3545

Oxygen Cylinder, aluminium, 2l, 200 bar

Medical Pressure Reducer

Ventilation Bag




Ventilation Bag, disposable






Oxygen Reservoir



Oxygen Reservoir, disposable




Face Mask, autoclavable

Child & Adult

Infant & Toddler



Child & Adult

Face Mask, disposable



Child & Adult

Infant & Toddler


HVT Adapter



mediquip Service

Repairs, loaner units, warranty maintenance, and replacement parts, we offer qualified consultation, installation, and after sales service. Comprehensive customer support is only a phone call away. 



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