Oxyjet-MR & Oxyguide-MR

The Problem: Hypoxia. The Solution: Oxygen

  • Safe and easy to use emergency life support systems from mediquip

  • Integrated suction unit

Together with SpO2 monitoring, emergency life support with Oxyjet-MR or Oxyguide-MR is a viable solution to ensure patient safety during MRI procedures. The twin systems follow national and international recommendations for on-site safety equipment in the event of respiratory distress during anaesthesia, deep or conscious sedation.

Hypoxia Emergency Treatment

Continuous administration of oxygen via a face mask with reservoir and with HVT adapter for the rapid treatment of hyperventilation.

Emergency Apnea Ventilation

Premium quality manual resuscitator system for oxygen administration in the event of respiratory distress/arrest.


Oxygen supply via a nasal cannula enhances the patient's general sense of wellbeing and helps tolerate breath-hold sequences.


Medical suction unit with vacuum gauge, quick action stop valve and reusable secretion bottle with integrated overflow protection.


OJ 7005 | Oxyjet-MR:
for hospitals with centralized O2 supply

OG 3005 | Oxyguide-MR:
for radiology practices

O2 cylinder with medical, piston-type pressure reducing valve: Oxyguide-MR for radiology practices.

Extended 8 meter hose on reel: Oxyjet-MR for hospitals with centralized O2 supply.

Face masks available for infant, child, and adult patients with oxygen reservoir for continuous oxygen administration. 

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