MR Pulse Oxymeter | 7500FO

Maximum Precision: The 7500FO MR Pulse Oxymeter from Market Leader Nonin

  • functional oxygen saturation of arterial haemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse rate 

  • continuous and noninvasive

The 7500FO ensures the early detection of imminent respiratory distress when patients are unresponsive, uncooperative or sedated making this technology indispensible in MRI. With clinically proven measurement accuracy developed by technology leader Nonin, the Model 7500FO is a reliable partner for increased patient safety.

  • fully digital, easy to use, with large and bright LED displays that offer clear visability
  • PureSAT® technology affords accurate measurements even with low perfusion and supresses motion artefacts. 
  • device discriminates between patient alarm and technical malfunction 
  • 30 h continuous operating time, fully recharged in 4 h. 
  • durable, low maintenance: no callibration or periodic maintenance required
  • device can be placed in the MR room outside the 200 Gauss line

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